Local Lithuanian ingredients

From grandmother’s garden, farmers’ fields, most reliable food suppliers

Family Restaurant-Bistro

“Mykolo 4” restaurant-bistro is named by St. Michael the Archangel, the patron of people, and it has the same name as Vilnius Old Town street, where the restaurant is located.

The restaurant invites to discover the flavors of bourgeoisie cuisine of Vilnius and enjoy exclusive wines and mead. Cozy and intimate atmosphere, relaxing music, amicable and attentive service, the world of sensory delights – it is another great choice to give yourself an unforgettable dining experience, to host your guests, to celebrate a special occasion, or just to spend great time with friends. This is the place you would wish to come back again and to give recommendations to others.

We believe that our strength is our family, respect, transparency, and love to work. See you at “Mykolo 4” restaurant-bistro!

Owners Zita Rimkienė and Skirmantas Rimkus

One of a kind in Vilnius

Our recipes have been collected from the old notebooks of Vilnius bourgeoisie and the stories of their house cooks,
and wrapped in contemporary interpretation of our chef, beyond question, an inhabitant of Vilnius

Vilniaus miestietiškos gastronomijos tradicijos

The traditions of bourgeoisie cuisine of Vilnius

“Mykolo 4” is the only restaurant in Vilnius to enshrine the bourgeoisie cuisine of Vilnius and to pursue the heights reached before the World War II. Urban cuisine of Vilnius has formed in the 19th century under a strong influence of French bourgeoisie cuisine and haute cuisine science.

Today our chef continues to refine local dishes according to the today’s latest trends of French haute cuisine by serving the ordinary dishes in a different way. This is Lithuanian cuisine in a different style.

We value traditions, but at the same time we are at the cutting edge of contemporary cuisine tendencies and are pleased to offer you not only the Lithuanian beverages with centuries-old traditions, but also exclusive wines from around the world.

Į sveikatą!